Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Foggy Morning in Ohio

I ended up going down to Dayton today because they were doing a World War I Aerial Demonstration there.  As I was heading down, I saw the fog and I decided to make a detour in Fostoria first.  I probably shouldn't have done that though because it led to issues with Dayton but I was hoping for some cool train pictures.
 On the way over to Fostoria, I kind of liked how the fog was looking over the fields, so I stopped for a couple of pictures.
 I really liked this shot.
 I kind of wish there was a little moisture on the grass.
 I liked the way the sun was hitting the corn stalks.
 For some reason, this picture reminded me of a soft focus shot.
I liked how the bean plants disappeared into the fog.

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cmadler said...

It was even foggier earlier in the morning. Here's my cell-phone-camera attempt at capturing the extreme morning fog: