Saturday, September 6, 2014

And Closing Out With the Philip R. Clarke

Since she wasn't too far behind the Kaye E. Barker, I decided to stick around for the Clarke.  I'm glad that I did.
 A shot as she gets closer.  I really like the looks of her paint scheme.
 One of the few places where I can get a clear background from Milliken.
 She passes the Hiram Walker distillery.
 An almost profile shot.
 And the proper profile shot.
 I really liked the sky in this shot too.
 She passes the Eye of Sauron.
 But this shot is the reason that I was glad that I stayed for her.  As I said in my random post, there were helicopters flying around.  One of them was flying pretty close to the water and was starting to pass the ship.  Given that one of my dream shots is to have a ship and aircraft in the same shot, I'm glad this one turned out.  I would love to get this shot with a plane but I don't think I'll have a chance like this.
And she continues on to the Rouge River.

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