Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Sunset Walk Around Eastern Michigan's Campus

So I decided to take a walk around the Eastern Michigan campus after dinner.  Of course, my camera came along with me so that I could take some pictures of the place that I called home for 5 years.
 The first building I started with was the Alexander Music Building.  This is where the band will practice on occasion.
 The statue of Icarus in front of Quirk-Sponberg.
 A shot of Pray-Harrold in the golden light.  This is the largest classroom buildings on campus and I think it may be one of the larger classroom buildings in the state.
 Behind the Rec/IM building is a little pond and apparently you can rent boats to paddle around.
 The new student center looks pretty cool from the back.
 One of the fountains.
 A shot of the Rec/IM building from the back.  I liked the way the reflection looked in the water.
 Another angle of the student center.
 Hayes Jones was a hurdler born in Pontiac, Michigan.  He won the 110m Hurdles in the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics.  While he was a student at Eastern, he won a few NCAA hurdles contests.  He served in politics after his athletic career.  He had a stint with American Airlines and owned a baggage check-in service at Detroit Metro Airport.
 A block E on the Bowen Field house.
 The Tower in front of the Halle Library.
 Not the most beautiful building on campus is Strong Hall.  This is where I studied Physics while I was in college.
 A shot of Sherzer Hall.
 At one time this was known as Briggs Fieldhouse.  Behind it used to be Eastern's football field.
 Starkweather Hall is Eastern Michigan's oldest building.
 Another angle of Sherzer.
 This bell used to hang in one of Eastern's older buildings.  When that building was demolished in 1948, this bell was stored in Roosevelt Hall.  The bell was found in 1973 and restored in 2013.  It now resides in McKenny Hall.
 MeKenny Hall used to be the student center when I was a student.
 I don't really need to say anything about the Water Tower.
 A statue of Martin Luther King.
 Pease Auditorium is celebrating it's 100th Anniversary this year.
 Pierce Hall.  This is where they used to house admissions and other aspects of Eastern.
 This used to be a high school run by the University.
 When I was student at Eastern Michigan, I used to live in Goddard Hall for three years.  This used to be a sand volleyball court and I used to play volleyball quite a bit here.  I would imagine when they stopped using Goddard as a residence hall, they didn't have a reason to maintain this anymore.
And I leave with a shot of Goddard Hall.

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heidi said...

Howdy, I was trying to find photos of the EMU student center for a blurb about the campus in a presentation and was wondering if I could use it - with full credit to you/your blog as you see fit (it's for an Audubon group, if that's of interest). Happy Monday!