Saturday, September 13, 2014

Some Pictures from Depot Town

I was hoping to catch the Wolverine tonight but I was running a little late.  I was hoping it was running like it was the other night and that it would be a bit later than it should have been.
 Since I was already down there, I decided to take some pictures.  First I got the freight house.
 Then I took a shot of the depot.  I kind of wish they would do something with this depot.  It would be nice to see it turned into a working depot.  Maybe some day that will happen.
 A shot of Depot Town itself.
 Looking down the street.
 A few years ago, Michigan legalized medical marijuana.   As a result, a number of places have cropped up that sell it.  I think you need some sort of approval from a doctor to buy it but I have a feeling that it is just people who would use it anyway getting it.
 A shot of the clock.  I kind of like the looks of this clock, especially against the setting sky.
 One of the store windows.  I was trying for a transparent reflective here.
 The setting sun shining on the caboose.  I guess this sort of counts as a train picture.
I didn't have the right lens for this shot but I was able to blow it up a little bit.

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