Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Am Blank Because....

I got this idea from another blog that I enjoy to read.  If you have the time, go check it out because it is pretty interesting.  I will admit that I put a bit of myself into this blog but it is not often that you get a deep glimpse into the person that is behind the camera that is being used to take all these neat pictures.  So I will give this a whirl.

I am wierd because:
I write a blog and I've kept at it after all these years.
I enjoy chasing after freighters or trains depending on my mood.  I will admit that chasing after freighters is not all that unusual in this state but there are still people who think I am wierd doing so.
After 45 years, I get myself a train set.
I have pretty eccletic music tastes.  If you were to crack open my iPod you would see classical, punk, country, rap, classic rock, pop rock, alternative and a few other things.  Generally, I will listen to my iPod on shuffle and the current song is by Erasure.  Prior to that, there was a song by the Who.  It just shifted over to a song by the Kinks called "Scrap Heap City".  This might be a good blog subject of its own.
After all of these years, I still like Star Wars.

I am happy because:
Football season is back and I am photographing from the sidelines at Eastern Michigan games.  Of the different types of photography that I do, I would have to say that sports is the most challenging.  You have to have an idea of where the action is going to be and you have to be on your toes but it is fun.
After five years, I am able to rest my old Digital SLR.  It has served me well but it was starting to show signs of age.  My new Canon will have alot to live up to.
I have enough modelling skills that I am able to build my own buildings for my train set.  I'm sure the kits would look better but my set up is my set up.  I don't have buildings like everyone else out there.
I've been at my current company for 15 years.  Prior to that I've held onto a job for a couple years and then moved on.  It seems that I've found my niche.

I am sad because:
Political season is upon us and you can't watch TV without seeing another ad.  It seems like there used to be a reprieve from the campaign ads but this year they started around February and haven't let up since then.  With all the money floating around, it makes you wonder who our politicians are really beholden to because it doesn't seem like it is the people.

I think I will do another post like this at some point but enjoy this one for now.

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