Monday, September 29, 2014

Closing Out With the Cedarglen

Normally, I would split this into two posts since I caught her in two places but I'm not really trying to get my post count up, so I will just post one picture of her.
 The last ship I would see yesterday was the Cedarglen.  She's appeared on this blog in the past and is probably one of my favorite rear deckers.
 That is mainly because she has a pretty odd pilothouse.
 Apparently, the reason why she is missing one bridge wing is because it was clipped off in Marquette as she was trying to load iron there.  But that gives her character, I think.
 She also wears the scares of a harsh winter pretty well.  Although, I suspect these may also be the scars from going through the Welland a few times.
 It's amazing how much punishment these boats can take.
 One more shot of her before leaving Marysville.
 Then I went back to Port Huron to catch her as she was entering Lake Huron.
 A nice three quarters view.
A profile view.
 A straight shot of her pilothouse.
 She is about to pass under the Bridge.
One more shot before leaving.

I was also hoping to catch the Lee A. Tregurtha yesterday but she decided to stop for fuel.  By the time she got moving again, it would be almost dark by the time she passed Algonac.  I didn't think I would get good shots of her, so I passed on that.  At any rate, it was pretty nice to get out boatwatching yesterday.

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