Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Tuesday Evening Wolverine

It was a nice enough night and it looked like I would still have some light left, so  I decided to head over to Depot Town to catch the Wolverine as it passed.
 It wasn't long after I got there that I heard the familiar ringing of the near by crossing gates.  But what got me more excited was the horn of the engine getting closer.  And the Wolverine peeked around the corner.
 She was moving pretty fast tonight but I think the fact that she was running a little behind schedule was a factor in that.  I don't know how much wiggle room they have in their speed but I imagine it's not much.
 The train starts to pass the depot.
 And is right along side the Depot.  I kind of like the fall colors in the background.  I have a feeling that is going to be a short color season this year.
 The train passes the depot.
 Giving me a fairly nice shot.
 I love the way the light is hitting the train in this picture.
 As I was sorting through my pictures, I noticed something odd.
 So I blew it up a little bit and saw that the conductor was waving.  I guess if I ever needed one picture to demonstrate why I think trains are cool, this one is it. 
 The train passes....
...but not before I could get one more shot.

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