Monday, September 29, 2014

A Lovely Day on the St. Clair River

So I decided to head over to Port Huron yesterday.  It was a nice enough day and there was a fair amount of traffico n the river.
 Had I realized it was foggy, I would have gotten up a little earlier because there were a few ships that passed earlier.  They would have looked cool in the fog.
 The fog seemed to have been pretty much limited to the Lake Huron side of the bridge though.
 I'm not sure what kind of tugboat this was, but I thought it looked pretty cool.
 This one is a fishing tug.
 The pilot boat returning from a salty that was anchored just off the Blue Water Bridge.
 I wish I could have gotten this shot with a real ship though.
 I kind of liked the reflections in the water.
 Johnathon Livingstone.
 A powered glider.  It was actually flying in formation with another plane like it.
 A sailboat.
 Another seagull.
 This is a Cessna 182.
 The Hollyhock.
 The Fairchem Yuka getting fuel at the dock.  This vessel is owned by Fairfield Chemical Carriers out of Wilton, CT.  Not sure where it is registered though.
 A duck.
 Another seagull.
And I end with the commorant.

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