Monday, September 8, 2014

The Train Trip Itself

I'm going to get the pictures of the trip itself out of the way before I post pictures of the Nickel Plate 765.  The trip itself was pretty nice and lasted about 2 hours.
 I ended up getting seats on the parlor car.  I wanted to get seats in the dome car but I took too long in finally getting my tickets.  So I settled on one of the nicer cars and I think it was a good decision.  The seats were pretty nice and we got free snacks.  It looked like they got a few people to ride.
 We passed through about half of the route but like  I said, I think the ride was more about the engine than the ride itself.  This is the continuation of the Cuyahoga River.
It is pretty amazing to see the number of people that will stop to look at a steam engine.  I think there were people everywhere on the route where you could get a picture of the train.
 The bridge for one of the expressways.  I think it may have been I-80 but don't quote me on that.
 One of the places along the route.  Something tells me this would be a nice park to either hike or bike through, especially since you can catch a train to get back to where you started.
 Another spot along the River.
 Another shot of the river.
 There weren't too many structures to be seen along the route. 
 One of the other train stations.  It almost looks like it might be a real station.
 Another spot along the valley.
 Another shot of the river.
And one more shot of the river.  It seemed like there were a few places where you could see the old canals.  It also looked like they used some of the towpaths for trails.

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cmadler said...

You can see quite a bit of the old Ohio and Erie canal in the park. The Towpath Trail currently runs 85 miles, with plans in the works for another 16 miles.