Monday, September 15, 2014

And Now the American Spirit

So the first ship I saw was the American Spirit.  She ran aground near Mackinac Island about a week or so ago.  Apparently, she got caught in a wind and was pushed aground.  After lightening her load, she was able to move on her merry way.
 The American Spirit is one of 13 thousand footers that sails on the Great Lakes.
 I think she is almost exclusively used to deliver iron ore to the various steel plants that line the Great Lakes.
 I'm not sure which style of thousand footer I like the best.  I would say that the Cort, but she's one of a kind.
 I do like this style though.
 She is about to pass the next ship.
 And she continues on.
 I believe she is heading to Zug Island....
....with a load of taconite.

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