Friday, September 26, 2014

Some Brief Planewatching at Ann Arbor Airport

It was a nice enough night tonight, so I decided to head over to the Ann Arbor Airport after work.  I was hoping that a few people were flying around the airport because it seems like they are on nights like this.
 Well there were a couple planes flying, but I think they were either taking off or landing.  They weren't doing touch and goes as normal.  This is a Cessna but not sure of model.
 Another Cessna.
 This is a Piper Cherokee Archer.  It first flew in 1972 and is powered by Lycoming O-360 Engine with 180 horsepower.  Production discontinued in 2009 but was brought back in 2010 by an investment group.
 The Robinson R44 first saw production in 1992 and is powered by a 6 cylinder engine with 245 horsepower.  It cruises at 130 miles per hour.
The Cessna from the Michigan Flyers again.

I was hoping to see more planes, but I guess it wasn't to be.

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