Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day With the Solina

Yesterday I was planning on going to the Cleveland Air Show because the Blue Angels were there but then I looked at the weather and saw that it was iffy.  I was thinking about doing that today but I got up too late.  Then I was thinking about going down to Fostoria but before I headed out, I checked AIS and saw that it was going to be a pretty busy day on the River.  So I headed up to the Port Huron area instead.
 Well my first stop was Marysville because I wanted to try and catch this ship especially since she was going to be followed by a ship I haven't seen in a long time.
 The Solina is one of several salties that travel on the Great Lakes.  She is owned by the Polish Steamship Company out of Szczecin, Poland.  Like many foreign ships, she is not registered in Poland though.  I believe this ship is registered out of Nassau.
 She was built in 2012 and is 623 feet long and 77 feet wide.  She can carry 30,000 tons of cargo.
 She heads towards Montreal but I'm not sure what she is carrying.
One more shot before moving on to my next ship.

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