Saturday, August 30, 2014

Eastern Michigan Football Vs. the Morgan State Bears

After months of waiting, football season was here again.  To say that I was excited for the start of this season was an understatement.  After the disappointment that was last football season, Eastern Michigan went out and hired a new head coach.  After hearing him speak in a number of situations, I was happy for his hire because he exuded an attitude that has been lacking at EMU for a long time.   While he's been a head coach at other levels in the NCAA, this is his first stint as a Division 1A head coach.  By all rights, it will be a tough road for him but he seems up to the challenge.   Once again,  I will be posting the game pictures that I really like here, if you want to see other game pictures go here.

While I don't expect Eastern to do well this season with a new coach and all, I think it will be an exciting ride.
 I was happy to find out that the new coach will be keeping this tradition, but it seems like they added a twist to it.  This year, the eagle flew out on the field and the crowd erupted.
 Lamont Brown III running the ball.  If I had one negative about the game today, it's that the defense did not seem up to the task of the game.  I am hoping that they improve with time.
 The true freshman quarterback Reggie Bell running with the ball.  In a huge departure from the past, Coach Creighton shows that he is going to go with his feelings rather than the player that has been around the longest.  For the most part, he looked pretty good but I think he is going to need to develop a little more patience in the pocket.
 Brown takes a handoff.
 Ryan Brumfield running with the ball.  It seemed like the Eastern running game picked up where it left off last year.  I think it will be even better as time goes on.
 Brown celebrating one of his touchdowns.  As I said, if there was a sour note to today, it was the defense.
 Bronson Hill running with the ball. 
 Celebrating a Brumfield touchdown.
 Morgan State Quarterback Council shaking off an Eastern defender.
 After getting pictures of him in other situations, this is one of the pictures that I couldn't wait to get.  He looks like a natural in this role.
 Eastern Michigan celebrating their 31-28 victory over Morgan State.  I'm not quite sure of the significance of the wrench though.
If these pictures seem out of order, it is because they are.  I didn't completely retire my old camera.  I will sill use it for some shots during the games.  Namely the shots where I need a shorter lens.  It's alot easier than trying to swap out lenses.  This is the band taking the grey field for the first time.
 The color guard.
 I just liked the way these flags looked against the sky.
 A closer shot of the eagle.
 And his profile.
Eastern celebrating their first touchdown of the game.

I think Eastern will have a better season that last year but I don't think it will be a winning season.  They play their next four games on the road.  Two of them are against opponents that they wont have a chance against (Florida and Michigan State).  I think they have a chance against the other teams though.  But at any rate, I wish the best of luck to Eastern's new coach.

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