Sunday, August 17, 2014

Shots from Comerica Park

It's not too bad of a walk to get from Greektown Casino to Comerica Park.  It is about maybe 6 or 7 blocks (if that) and it's not a particularly bad section of town.
 They had lunch set up for us in a part of the park that I don't normally go to.  It gave me the opportunity to get some pictures from the park that I don't normally get them from.
 The David Broderick Tower is the building with the whales on it.  The orangish building to the left is the David Stott Building.  The Broderick Tower was built in 1928 and is 369 feet tall.  The Stott Building was built in 1929 and is 453 feet tall.
 One of the Tiger statues near the front of the Park.
 The front of the Fox Theater.  This is definitely a better view than I can normally get.
 Comerica Park has some kid friendly things like a Merry Go Round and Ferris Wheel.  This is looking at the Merry Go Round from above.
 One of the signs on the scoreboard.
 One of the Tigers out there.
 This is another view that I don't normally get.  I didn't get a program though.
One of the things that I like about the newer parks like Comerica is that they try to incorporate the downtown views in them.  It's kind of cool to have nice scenery in the background.

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