Thursday, August 7, 2014

Early Morning Delivery for Sturgeon Falls

I apologize that I have been making a large number of model train posts lately, but I'm kind of excited about my trains and the growth that I've made with my fictional town.  I still have a few more buildings to add and then I need to think about more terrain and stuff.  Originally, I bought a pair of engines because I wanted some train paraphernalia to look at, then I got some cars for them because I wanted a small train set, then I decided I might as well build a town.   Eventually, I would like to have other things but for now this will have to do.
 The Norfolk-Southern train making a run around the local line under the watchful eye of the yard tower.  Eventually, she will find her way to the main lines and whatever lies out there.    I do like to take pictures of this in the morning because I get some pretty nice natural light on the set up.
 The Amtrak waiting to stir for the morning run.  Eventually, I will have a few folks at the depot waiting to get on the train.
 BNSF 722 passing the defect/hotbox detector.  The defect detector is an automatic device that detects any potential issues with the train.  The term hotbox came from the fact that it was mostly looking for overheating wheels which could indicate other problems.  It will send a signal to the train indicating if there is a problem or not.  If you have a scanner, occasionally you will here the message, "Such and such railroad, mile marker xxx, no defects" or something to that effect.    The box is based on a typical one you'd find on a railroad and like most of my other buildings, built from scratch.
 The BNSF passing by Sturgeon Falls.  This particular train is carrying a cargo of box cars.  It will typically load at the Acme Warehouse.
 Norfolk-Southern train on the local lines.  Because of the size of my setup, I have to use a little bit of imagination.  I have two transformers so that I can run two trains at the same time.   The outer loop represents the main line or the line that would go between towns and the inner loop represents the local line or the line within the town.  Interior to that is my yard.
 A better shot of my rail yard.  The grain elevator towers over everything.   Behind that you can kind of see the Acme Warehouse.  Typically, you wouldn't see mixed railroads in a yard like this but I couldn't decide on a railroad, so I have most of them.
 One more pass of the Norfolk-Southern engine.
The BNSF train passing somewhere.

Have a good day everyone.

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