Thursday, August 7, 2014

Welcome Back to Another Old Friend

The Roger Blough ended up going to Ohio this week.  Based on when she passed Detroit going down, I figured I had an outside chance of catching her on the return trip.  This morning I checked AISwas and I saw that she was on Lake Erie and heading back up north.  I did the plot based on her speed at the time and saw that she would be passing Detroit around 6:00P.M. or so.  I thought I wouldn't catch her until I remembered that ships usually slow down around Amherstburg, so I figured that would give me a good chance of catching her at Belle Isle.
 I was thinking I might have a chance to catch her sooner but that wasn't to be.  This is just as well but I wasn't too happy about shooting into the sun.
 Well, it wasn't directly into the sun and it did give me this neat effect.
 I can't believe it has been close to two months since I photographed her last but it seems like our schedules have not matched up lately.  Plus, I've been busy for the past few weekends.
 She gets a little closer.  Looks like she is getting a little work done on her pilothouse.  It also looks like she needs some work in other places but she doesn't look nearly as bad as some other ships.
 Almost getting her beam shot.
 She passes by this part of the Belle Isle.
 So I headed over to the fishing pier since I didn't think I would have a shot to catch her on the St. Clair River.
 The sun was a little better this time.
 And I think I really like the clouds.
 And she heads off.
She is heading up to Two Harbors to pick up taconite.  I'm not sure where she's going to head from there.  It's either going to be Gary or Conneaut though.

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