Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lunch at Dell's Restaurant

After watching the trains for a couple of hours, we decided to get some lunch.  We were heading out of town and my friend noticed this sign.  He looked and me and asked if I wanted to try it.  I was kind of ambivalent but the fact that they had ribs sounded appealling.
 I don't know if it is 75 (well now 80) years under the same ownership or family but the fact that this place has stayed in business that long when so many other places seem to have come and gone was a good sign.
 As you walk inside, the smell of barbecue permeates the air.  It was a good smell.  The walls are also lined with kid's lunchboxes from the 70's and early 80's.  I'm not sure who made them but I'm pretty sure I had one.   I'm pretty sure it probably would have been a Star Wars one.  I thought it was kind of cool.
 The menu had a bunch of items that looked good but I got to the barbecue part and couldn't decide, so I went with the combination pulled pork, brisket and rib dinner.  The waitress recommended the grilled macironi and cheese, so I went with that.  It was really good.  My friend had the fried chicken and that also was pretty good.  Since I suspect I will find my way to Fostoria again, I will definately have to come back here again.
 Apparently their sauce is award winning good as the walls are lined with these banners as well.  There were also some pretty cool old train pictures and few other things.
It looked like it may have been a lunch counter at one time.  Again, I highly recommend this place.

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