Friday, August 15, 2014

The Evening in Fostoria

So I decided to head back down to Fostoria again.  I wanted to try and get some night time shots of trains.  Since it's not that far, I figured I could also get some sunset shots.
 It wasn't long after I arrived that trains started to pass.  Here is an east bound Norfolk-Southern train.
 A close-up of the Union Pacific engine.
 I kind of liked the look of this piece of graffiti.
 A southbound CSX train.
 I really liked the way the sun was hitting it.
 So I took another shot.
 Apparently this train was a local that was picking up a bunch of cars.  He kept moving forward and backing up as he picked up the cars.
 I would have liked this shot a lot more without the pole in it.
 A westbound CSX train.
 The CSX train passing our friend.
 A westbound Norfolk-Southern Train.
 The 2355 again.
 And his back engine.
 It was getting late.
 The former Amtrak station.
An eastbound BSNF train passing by the station.  This was actually the picture that I really wanted.  I really like how it turned out.

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