Sunday, August 3, 2014

The New Turf at Rynearson Stadium

I decided to head over to Rynearson Stadium to see the new turf they installed.  Well, I made my reservations earlier and went there tonight.
 It was alot better attended than I thought it would be.  I think they put a great deal of thought into this event.  They gave everyone who made a reservation a lunch box.  The people there were wearing hard hats to fit in with the theme for their new turf.
 I always like to get a picture of these three flags.
 The turf at Rynearson needed replacing anyway and they decided to go with a gray field.  When I originally heard this idea, I was a bit skeptical because it seemed gimmicky.   I still think it is gimmicky but whatever generates excitement for the team.
 Looking at the endzone.
 This is probably my favorite shot in the stadium.  From this angle, it doesn't look too bad.  In fact, I am glad that Eastern chose a neutral color instead of the guady colors that other teams with colored turf have.
 A shot of the Block E at the 50 yard line.
 I think this angle gives a better idea. 
I liked the way the field was reflecting in the Convocation Center, so I took this picture.

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