Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wandering Through Detroit

My company decided to have its picnic at the Tigers game today which meant that I ended up going to it.  It was a pretty nice day for a game though.
 I ended up parking at Greektown Casino but I must have arrived earlier than the time they set up special event parking because I didn't have to pay anything.  I had to get a couple of pictures from the roof though because it provides a pretty good view of the city. 
 Greektown from the street looks pretty cool too.  We were still seeing some of the effects of the rains from last night.  The sky was still cloudy.
 I really like some of the neon signs they have there.
 The sign for the Greektown Casino itself.
 Some of the other Greektown signs.  It's kind of nice that
 A view of a few Detroit buildings.  I'm not quite sure what the one on the right is.
 After the game, there was someone providing a little bit of entertainment.  For as loud as he was, I thought there was a drum line.
 There was also a One Direction concert which is some sort of boy band, I believe.  I would had to think what traffic is like when there is both a Lions and Tigers game.
 A police officer directing traffic.
I just liked the signs.  He wasn't a particularly good musician though.

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