Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And the Munson Makes Two

So next up was the John G. Munson.  When I first caught up to the pair, the John G. Munson was following the Algorail.  Then the Algorail slowed down a little bit to let the Munson pass her.  It was kind of neat.
 Seeing how the classic laker numbers are dwindling on the Lakes, I try to make it a point to catch them when I can.  It seems like these ships came from an era when they actually cared about appearances.
 It also looks like the Munson has a fresher coat of paint, so it looks pretty nice.
 Her profile.
 She moves on.  I think this time she was heading from the stone docks near Alpena down to the stone docks on the Rouge River.  I think this is a pretty normal run for her.
 A shot of her stern.
 And she is set off against the Ambassador Bridge.
 She is being followed by the 'Rail now.
 Both ships against the Renaissance Center.
And one more shot....

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