Saturday, August 2, 2014

More News From Sturgeon Falls

Just wanted to post a couple more pictures of my train stuff.
 I touched up and painted the yard tower.  I think it looks alot better now.  Just need to add a couple more things and I'll call it good.
 Just rying to get it from a different angle.
 Downtown Sturgeon Falls.
 The other side of the warehouse.  I don't like this part quite as much though.  I should probably touch it up as well.
 Trackside of the warehouse.  I like this a little better.  I think it needs a forklift or something.
 Just a shot looking down the yard.
 The CSX coal train rounding the curve.
 Another angle of my new CN train.  I really love the detail on this one.
 A closeup of the cab.
 Looking down the yard.
 A closeup of the Union Pacific engine.
 And a closeup of the Norfolk-Southern Engine.
Why indeed.....

Tomorrow I will post pictures from the Boatnerd Cruise on the Detroit River.

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