Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fostoria, Ohio

Some people told me about a rail park that they have in Fostoria, Ohio.  After a little digging around the internet, I discovered that I had to go check it out myself.  I will talk about that more in the next post.
 Fostoria was formed in 1854 after the merger of Rome and Risdon.  The combination of the two communities Methodist churches after land was donated by Charles W. Foster led to the merger of the two towns.  The city was named in his honor.  His son would go on to become the Governor of Ohio and then the Secretary of the Treasury under Benjamin Harrison.
It is located about 40 or so miles south of Toledo.  Fostoria was established a glass manufacturing center after the discovery of natural gas in the area but as the natural gas died off, so did the manufacturing. 
 The city had steady population growth until it peaked in the 1970's.  After that, it became like many cities in the Midwest.
 Sadly, you can see hints of a city that once was in some of the buildings.  There appeared to be many nice buildings, but I didn't stray too far from the downtown area.
 Another look downtown.
 Now the glass factories are honored as heritage.
 Some examples of glass work.
 And other examples.
 Fostoria used to serviced by the Amtrak Three Rivers line until it was shut down in 2005.
This was a Presbytarian Church but sadly, I was shooting right into the sun for this picture, so it's not the greatest.

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