Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And More Trains....

So I decided to head down to Fostoria again today.  It's really not all that far.  I think it is around the same distance as if I were to head up to Port Huron.  It may take a little longer because the second half is all highway instead of freeway.  But it is worth it.
 As I got down there, I was treated to a train waiting for another train to pass.  Something tells me that if I paid attention more regularly, I could probably get a good idea of a schedule.
 A Union Pacific train coming down the old B&O track.  I think these are some of the cooler looking trains out there.
 Especially the ones with the US Flag on the side.
 I will make no guesses as to where she may be headed though.
 The train from the first picture heading onto the B&O track.
 A train coming from Toledo, I think.
 She works her way to the east-west bound track.
 It seems like grafitti and box cars go hand in hand.
 Another Union Pacific Train.  The only problem with this spot is that it is tough to figure out which way the trains are coming from.  I would imagine with a little more time spent here, I might get a better clue.
 Another southbound CSX train.
 A BNSF engine.  I kind of wish these guys would do some heritage units.  They do with the engines that are still painted in Santa Fe colors, but it would be nice to see either Burlington, Great Northern or North Pacific engines. 
 Another example of graffitti.
 Another CSX engine heading east.
I have to go to work tomorrow, so I couldn't stay much longer and the clouds were starting to look pretty ominous anyway.  So this was my last picture.

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