Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Duzgit Endeavour Passes Belle Isle

As I was going to the other end of the island to catch the Blough, I saw a ship peeking behind the Coast Guard Station.
 It turns out that she was a ship I've never seen before, the Duzgit Endeavour.    She is owned by the Turkish Company Duzgit.
 She is a tanker that was built in Duzgit Yalova Shipyard in Turkey in 2013.  She is registered in Turkey (it seems unusual for foreign vessels to be registered in their home country).
 She can carry about 16,000 metric tons worth of cargo and is powered by a 4500 kW engine.
 She is 156 meters long (about 450 feet give or take a few feet) by 21 meters wide.
She is headed to Quebec.

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