Friday, August 1, 2014

Rolling Along in Sturgeon Falls

As I said yesterday, I've been making some updates to my little town.  This is actually the tough part of building a tiny railroad because I'm thinking it is a gradual process.  It is pretty easy to go out an buy an engine or rolling stock but since I'm making my buildings, that is a little more difficult.  My town would probably look better if I actually went out and got kit buildings but I like this a little better.  With some time and practice, I can probably make them look better.  At any rate, here are my additions.
 I've added a couple of engines.  One of them being the CSX engine depicted above.  I actually like this color scheme for CSX.  I've actually seen this scheme a few times.  If I were going to actually weather an engine, this is the one I would think about because I think it would show up the best.
 The next engine is a CN engine.  This particular one is made by a company called Intermountain.  This engine is pretty well detailed and if you look closely, you can see the bell in front of the cabin.  I think this is a scheme used by CN to show that they are a North American Railroad.
 Next up is my yard tower.  I still have a bit of work to do on it but this was my most complicated building so far.  I ended up building up the stairs, railings and windows.  With some work, I think this will look really nice.  I see that I have to do some trimming and stuff.  Then of course, I will paint it. 
 My warehouse.  I think I need to do a little more work on this one as well but as I said in the introduction, this is a work in progress.
 This will be my last engine until I expand the railroad.  This means that all of my engines are paired up.  I wont say anything about this one because it's the same as my other Norfolk-Southern engine with the exception of the road number.
 I've also added some grass, trees and roads in places.  Like I said, it's slowly coming along.
 The coolest thing will be when I add some people.  My first person is simply known as the Man With the Green Bag.  He's been featured on one of the sites I visit for model train information.  I also need to add some cars.
 Another view of my grain elevator.
And I leave you with a quad of engines parked in the yard.

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