Saturday, August 16, 2014

Some More Buildings in Fostoria

Between trains, I decided to go grab some lunch and then I wandered around town just a little bit.  Sadly, Fostoria is one of those towns that has seen better days but that seems pretty common around the Midwest.  I don't think it was ever particularly large but I do think there was more money in the town at one time.
 At one time, this building was the City Hall and Fire Department.  Now it houses the Fostoria Heritage Museum (which sadly was closed).
 At one time, this was the Lake Erie and Western Depot.   Fostoria used to be home to a number of railroad depots but of course as passenger service dried up, so did the need for depots.
A map of Fostoria from 1885.  As you can see, it's always been a railroad town.

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