Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Sun Sets on Depot Town

So after taking pictures of the train, I decided to take some pictures of Depot Town.  Like I said in my last post, it was a nice enough night.
 Since I was already by it, I needed a picture of the freight house, although I should have gotten the shot from the other side.
 The train depot was pretty well illuminated.
 Then I wandered over to Cross Street.  I really liked the way the sun was hitting the buildings.
 The Hudson Museum.
 One of the cars inside the Museum.  It looks liked they've cleaned this room out a bit.
 The Hudson Sign.
 Looking down Cross Street.
 I kind of liked the effect in this picture, although I think the foreground may be a little too light.
 Some of the buildings of Depot Town.
 The Sticks Sign.
 A window display in one of the antique shops.
 For some reason there was a piano on the sidewalk.
And the caboose symbolizes the end of the train, this caboose will symbolize the end of this post.

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