Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Mysteries of the Giant Red Hand

So I was walking around Ann Arbor today, when I saw this mysterious looking signal.  I figured it must be something that invites people somewhere because it seems like people are always walking towards it.  Maybe it is a friendly gesture from the city of Ann Arbor to people waving hi.  Or maybe it is something else.
Well, the crack squad at Michigan Exposures got right on the case.  It seems that it is a traffic signal of sorts.  And when I say of sorts, it is intended for pedestrians and it tells them when it is safe to cross at an intersection.  I can understand the confusion on some people's part, since many folks in Ann Arbor cross in places other than the intersection.   Usually, when people do this, they have a cell phone in one hand and coffee or something else in the other hand.  But at any rate, the giant red hand means stop, do not cross the intersection.   When you see the giant walking dude, it is then safe to go across.

Just another public service announcement from the folks at Michigan Exposures trying to keep you safe.

That is all.

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