Monday, September 15, 2014

Not the Nickel Plate...but Other Trains

So I headed down to Fostoria to catch the Nickel Plate 765 as she returned to Fort Wayne.  I wasn't exactly sure what time she would be passing Fostoria so I got up fairly early.  As I arrived to the park, someone arrived and told me that she wouldn't be coming today.  It turns out there was a derailment near her home of New Haven.  So that is going to delay her return home a bit while they clean it up and investigate what happened.

Since I was already there, I figured I would stick around for a little bit to get some other train pictures.
 As always, it didn't take too long for a train to manifest itself.  First up was a train from the Canadian Pacific Line.
 A shot of the engine.
 That was quickly followed up by a BNSF engine.
 Since I wasn't going to get a picture of what I wanted, I decided to stick around for one more engine and move on to Belle Isle.  But I did get the shot I wanted, so I'm fairly happy.
 The engine moving around the bend.
 For a second I thought it was the same number as one of my model engines....
....but I was off by 1 digit.  If it were 8106 instead 8906, it would be my model.

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cmadler said...

I like the paint job on the BNSF engine.