Saturday, September 6, 2014

Different Things on the Rivers Today

There is usually alot of dead time between ship pictures.  That usually gives the opportunity to take pictures of other things.  These are pictures from the day.
 A seagull.
 This ferry goes between Marine City and somewhere in Canada.
 Later in the day, we headed down to Belle Isle first.  There was something happening on Belle Isle and they had two way traffic going to roughly to the yacht club.  The rest of the island was closed to traffic.  From what I heard, they were having some sort of automated car thing.  As we got towards the rocky beach, I saw the Kaye Barker heading down, so I decided to head over to Milliken State Park.  This painting caught my eye.  It is one of the Detroit Institute of Arts paintings around town.
 A shot of the Renaissance Center from Milliken State Park.
 A shot of the Ambassador Bridge.
 A browned eyed susan.
 Apparently they are having power boat races tomorrow.  This appears to be one of those boats.
 Another seagull.
 As I was taking pictures at Milliken, I heard these helicopters.  They were circling around for some reason.
 This one looks like it has a camera.  I think they are probably going to use it for the races.
 Another helicopter.
 A shot of the one with the camera.
 And then I was treated to something really cool.  This helicopter was riding low on the deck.
 The Peter Stroh sculpture.
 Another art in the city thing.
 As I was wandering around the park, I noticed this sand volleyball court.  I never noticed it before and I think it is pretty cool.  I hope that is taken care of.
 As I was heading to dinner, we were close enough to the airport to see planes.
And I end this post with a shot of the moon.

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Rachael said...

The volleyball court was back there in May the last time we went for a walk along the riverside, appears to be very well maintained.