Monday, September 1, 2014

And Finally the CSL Tadoussac

And my last ship of the day was the CSL Tadoussac.  If I felt like sticking around another hour or so, I could have caught the St. Clair but the weather was starting to look iffy.  As much as I wanted to catch her, I decided to pass.
 The CSL Tadoussac is a ship owned by Canada Steamship Lines.  She's been on this blog a few times but it has been a while since I've seen here.  Here she is coming off Lake Huron to enter the St. Clair River Channel.
 She loaded in Duluth two days ago but I'm not sure what she loaded there.  Given her destination, it could either be iron ore, stone or coal.
 Thirty hours after leaving Duluth, she arrived at the Soo Locks. 
 Roughly 19 hours after that, she would have been at this point. 
 I do like this ship and I wish that I would see her more often.
 Her twin stacks.
 And she moves on.
And at approximately 11:00A.M. tomorrow morning, she will be at her final destination of Nanticoke where she will discharge her cargo and start the cycle again. 

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