Friday, October 3, 2014

A Quick Stop in Fostoria

Eastern Michigan is going to be playing the Akron Zips tomorrow in Akron.  I decided that I would go to take pictures of that game.  I also decided to head over that way today instead of tomorrow and I decided to go by way of Fostoria (which was a little out of my way but still worth it).  It made for an interesting drive from Fostoria to Akron though because it was all back highway type driving.  Lots of interesting barns and towns on the way.  May have to do this again.  Anyway...Fostoria means trains...
 It didn't take too long for the trains to appear.  My first train was an east bound CSX train.
 Then there was one that decided to head north towards Toledo.
 I was a bit out of position when I saw my first CN train passing through Fostoria but I think that's okay because I love the ominous looking sky.
 A CSX train carrying cars.
 I didn't have the right lens for the good headshot though.  I didn't really want to mess around with swapping lenses in the rain.
 It did give me a good view though.
 And it passes.
 Looking up at the cab.
 Remember, wherever you see one of these, think train.
 I kind of got stuck on the wrong side of the train, so I was messing around with the logos on the cars.
 There is always some interesting graffiti.
I kind of liked this one.
 I really liked this one.
 And this one.
 Another CSX engine coming from the north.
 I was about ready to walk to the other side of the park when I heard this guy approaching.
 A closeup of the cab.
 An eastbound Norfolk-Southern train.  I tried to get my favorite shot on this train but again, I wasn't really messing around with the lenses.
 The sky still looking ominous.
 Since it was getting late and I didn't want to spend too much time in Fostoria, this was my last train.
It was being pulled by a single engine.

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