Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eastern Michigan Vs. Akron Zips Football

So it was getting close to game time.  I had to go up into the Press Box to get my photo ID bracelet.  I was half tempted to just stay up in the press box but it's not a good place to get pictures from.  But I ate my lunch and then headed down to the field.
 The view from the press box.  The Akron teams are called the Zips.  The name was determined after a campus wide contest in 1925 and the name Zippers won.  The Athletic Director officially shorted the name to the Zips in 1950. 
 The University Mascot is Zippy the Kangaroo and is only one of a handful of female mascots in the country.
 A shot of the press box from the field.  They play at InfoCision Stadium-Summa Field.  It opened on September 12, 2009 to a sold out crowd against the Morgan State Bears.  Four companies hold naming rights to various parts of the stadium.  It holds 30,000 people and looks pretty nice.
 The Akron band takes the field prior to the game.  They called them the "Pride of Ohio" but I suspect most bands are called that.
 The band sounded pretty good, but I still like Eastern's band.
 One more shot of the band.
 One of the Akron Quarterbacks setting up the pass.
 Tyler Allen escapes an Akron Defender during a reverse. 
 The Akron Quarterback getting the pass off just before the Eastern defense gets to him.
 Eastern Michigan quarterback Rob Bolden escaping the pass rush to attempt a pass.
 A shot of the trenches.
 One of the Akron players breaking through the mss.
 I think this is Bronson Hill receiving the hand off from Rob Bolen.
 Tyler Allen running back one of the kickoffs.
 Akron celebrating one of their four touchdowns.
 Another Akron players during a run.
A few of the Eastern Michigan fans that showed up for the game.

Eastern Michigan ended up losing the game 31-6.  Their six points came from a touchdown on their opening drive.  I was hoping that would be a sign of things to come but it wasn't.  Their run game looked lethargic and their passing game didn't look much better.  I'm hoping that Homecoming will light a fire under them and they will look better next week but we'll see.

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