Sunday, October 26, 2014

Eastern Michigan Vs. Northern Illinois Huskies Football

So I went to the Eastern Michigan football game yesterday.  For the most part Eastern looked pretty good, they were moving the ball fairly well and stopping Northern Illinois when they needed to.  But sadly, the final score is what matters and Northern Illinois won.
 The color guard lining up for the pre-game ceremonies.
 The marching band taking the field.
 The color guard during the Pledge of Allegiance.
 The eagle flying on the field prior to the game.
 Breaking down the wall.
 North Illinois quarterback Drew Hare working his way around the pile.
 Northern Illinois running back Stingily breaking through the line.
 Ryan Brumfield during a run.
 Reggie Bell beating the Northern Illnois defenders.
 The Eastern Michigan band during the halftime show.
 Celebrating a sack.
I forget who this was.

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