Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Sunny Sunset on Belle Isle

I was up at the Troy office today and I saw that a ship would be passing Detroit around the time I would be heading home, so I decided to stop there on the way home.
 The ship was a few minutes away but I saw a helicopter almost as soon as I got on the fish dock.
 I seriously hope this wasn't the ship I was waiting for.  That would be a pretty cruel joke on the part of AIS.
 I'm sure there is a ship called Seagull but this isn't it.  I was doing some of the shots in black and white based on a facebook challenge.
 A seagull in flight.  A flock of one.  It sounds almost like a band.
I loved the stillness of the ponds.  Made for some pretty cool reflections.
 This is a pretty cool looking bridge and I don't think I've caught it before.
 I thought the Nancy Brown Peace Carillon looked really cool.  It was also playing music while I was taking pictures.
 It so much fun, I had to do another.
 I opted for color on this one.
 And this one.
 Back to black and white for General Alpheus Williams.
 I liked the other angles.
 And one more.
And a horse of a different sort.  Well, a Corvette of a different sort.

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