Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Autumn Moon

I took a look at AIS last night and I saw that the Roger Blough would be working her way through this area.  I was all set to head over to the Port Huron to go catch her and then I took a look at AIS again and saw that the Algorail was between Manitou Islands and Sleeping Bear.  I thought that was a little on the unusual side as they tend to go more towards the middle of Lake Michigan.  Then I decided to look at her destination and saw that it was Ferrysburg.  This would mean that she would be entering the Grand Haven  channel and this is a shot I've wanted for a while.  Then I tried to figure out what time she would be approaching the channel entrance and I saw that it would be at a time where I could make it.
 Now admittedly, Grand Haven is a ways away, so there was at least one stop between here and there.  I looked up at the sky and I liked the look of the moon and this tree, so I grabbed a picture of it.
Then I grabbed a picture of the moon itself.

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