Friday, October 17, 2014

A Windy Autumn Night on the Eastern Michigan Campus

So I decided to take a quick walk around campus in order to catch some fall shots.  I think I might have been a little too late as many of the trees were without their leaves.
 There were still enough trees that hand their leaves though.  So I decided to get a shot of the Water Tower.  I kind of liked the look of the sky tonight, it made for a good fall look.
 The Tower rising up from behind a yellow tree.
Welch Hall is the second oldest building on campus.  When I first started at Eastern, it was in a pretty bad state of disrepair.  They managed to restore it and now it looks pretty good.  I believe it is currently used by the Administration.
McKenny Hall used to be the Student Union when I was a student.  I'm not sure what role is serves now.
 I kind of wish I could have had a little more color behind the Water Tower.  Oh well.
 Sherzer Hall had a pretty nasty fire when I was student and they managed to restore it.  I'm glad they did because it is one of the nicer looking buildings on campus.
 I kind of liked the fireyness of these trees.
 Starkweather Hall is the oldest building on campus, it currently serves as the Graduate School office.
 Pease Auditorium is celebrating 100 years this year.  It still looks pretty nice.
 The Clock Tower.  This is dedicated to the Eastern veterans of World War II.
 Another angle in order to get some of the fall foliage behind it.
 Roosevelt Hall.  At one time this used to be a high school.  Now it houses the ROTC program and some other programs.
 This is Goddard Hall.  I lived here for three years.  Now it lays empty.
 The new Student Center.
 I'm not sure what building this is.
 Some of the paths bordered by some nice colors.
 Pray-Harrold with the flag flapping in the breeze,.  The wind was starting to pick up as I continued my walk.  This is the main building on campus.
 An old school house.
 I wasn't sure about the lighting, so I used the flash and hence the Terminator Squirrel.
 Sherzer Hall again.
 And Starkweather Hall again.
And we pick up where were started, at the Water Tower.

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