Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Heron

One of the nice things about Belle Isle is that it provides a brief respite from the urban life.  There are actually a few spots where nature will hang out.  The chunk of nature that I would really like to find is the eagle that apparently hangs out on the island but I have yet to see him.
 I did however catch a heron today.  I was surprised it stayed still for me as long as it did.  But maybe it figured that it was safe since there was water between us.
 With the fall colors in the background, it made for a nice picture.
 Compound that with the fact that the water was fairly smoothe.
 I think these are pretty cool looking birds.
 Sadly, I missed the shot where it plucked a fish out of the water.
 Oh well.
Spot the heron....

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