Tuesday, October 7, 2014

An Ann Arbor Railroad Engine in the Fall

I try to take the same way home every night because of the potential to catch a train from the Ann Arbor Railroad.  Usually I just see the engineer's car and nothing else.  Tonight was different.
 It's just an engine, but it will do.  I kind of liked the road number because it reminds me of days of playing online games where they used what was called l337 speak.    It was basically a jumble of letters and numbers to produce a sort of shorthand for things.  In this case, this is shorthand for elite.
 Elite or not, it was still pretty cool to catch the engine just sitting here.  It almost looks like it was a former Union Pacific engine but maybe they've adopted that scheme.
 It looks freshly painted at any rate.
 Looking up at the cab.
 Looking up from another angle.
 I kind of liked the hint of color in this picture.
I also liked the way this one was framed.

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