Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Lovely Lee A. Tregurtha

Next up is one of the ships that brought me to Belle Isle.  The other was the Herbert C. Jackson but she had already passed Belle Isle by the time I got down there and I couldn't get to Milliken because of a 5K run.  Oh well, some other time, I guess.
 It always nice to catch Lee A. Tregurtha though.  She is nice looking ship and certainly a unique looking one.
 The light was shining just right for her as she passed Windmill Point.  I really liked the color in the background.
She loaded iron ore in Marquette, Michigan and is taking to the Rouge Steel Plant in Dearborn.  As I type this post, she has left the Rouge Dock and is heading to Silver Bay, Minnesota.  I'm pretty sure she picks up iron ore ther too.
 A shot of her bow.  She has a fairly unique look amongst the lakers because she's been converted from an ocean going vessel. 
 But that's fine, because it gives her nice silouette.
 She continues down the Detroit River.
 I kind of liked the sky in this one.
A nice fall scene.

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