Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Peninsular Paper Mill in Fall

I've been meaning to take a picture of the Peninsular Paper building for a while and I figured the light was right to do it tonight.
 It probably would be a better shot in the morning but I'm usually rushing to work then.  I might try to get a morning picture on Saturday but we will see.
 The colors are starting to pop out slowly but they aren't as spectacular as they normally are. 
 I liked the way the reflection was showing in the smoother part of the water.  I also liked the way the sun was hitting the trees but something was off.
 Then I tried manual settings using the sky settings and bumping down a little bit.  I think the colors pop a little more in this picture.
 Of course, I had to try different angles.  I was trying to use the branches to sort of frame the building.
 Trying to get a tighter shot of the building.
 And then a slighly obscured shot. 
 Then I decided to wander into the park a little bit but I don't usually do this because I don't feel particularly safe there.  There are some nice shots to be had though.
 Getting the falls from a slightly different angle.
 My best shot at getting a straight out shot.  I was thinking about going to the apartments across the river but I decided against it.
Since I was at the right angle, I had to get a shot of the sign itself.

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