Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Federal Satsuki Makes an Appearance

Next up is a saltie...the Federal Satsuki.  I thought I was going to head to lunch but as I was leaving Belle Isle, I looked towards the Ambassador Bridge and saw that another ship was heading up.  I may have seen her on AIS but I wasn't really paying attention.  At any rate, that lead to a u-turn and a trip back to the island.
 I decided to stop at the Dossin Museum in order to catch her.  I figured a view from the pilothouse there would be pretty cool anyway.
 She is owned by the Federal Navigation Company out of Montreal, Canada.  But like so many salties, she's registered elsewhere.  In this case, Majuro which is in the Marshall Island.
 A nice view from the pilothouse. 
 She was built in 2012.  She is 655 feet long and 78 feet wide.  This allows her to travel trhough the Welland Canal.
 She has the same paint scheme as the other Fednav boats.  She can carry a little over 35,000 tons of cargo.
 If you look closely at her stern, you can see where she is registered.
One more shot.

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