Monday, October 27, 2014

A Nice Day for the Wolverine

So I had to take Zappa to the Cat Clinic today.  He had some sort of issue with his teeth and they are going to have to take one of them out (I think).  Since I couldn't sit around worrying, I decided to see what time the Wolverine would be passing.  I had some time, so I went to catch it.
 When I got out, it was pretty warm out and I was kind of surprised.  I was trying for an angle where I'd get the depot and some remaining fall colors.  I almost got it.
 The Wolverine passing in front of the station.  I still hope that some day trains will be stopping here but I'm not going to hold my breath.
 And it passes the station.
 You never realize how big a train is until it's right next to you.
 And with a whoosh, it passes.
 Looks like it would have been a nice day for a train ride.
One more shot.

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