Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Right Honorable Paul J. Martin on a Blustery Day

I was thinking about going up north today but it didn't look like the weather wanted to be particularly cooperative.  Then I thought about heading over to the Zoo but I don't like take pictures of the Zoo on overcast days.   So then I took a peek at AIS and saw that there would be quite a few ships heading down today, so I decided to go boatwatching.
 First up was the Right Honorable Paul J. Martin.  She is owned by the Canada Steamship Lines and has appeared on this blog a few times in the past.  She is a pretty nice looking ship for a rear decker.
 She was being closely followed by the next subject.
 Even though it was raining during parts of this, I still get much joy from watching the ships pass by.  They move with a purpose and grace that you don't get with other things.
 There is also something peaceful about sitting on the Rocky Beach with the faint sound of diesel engines and wind blowing by.  It was also a little chilly but when the sun shone, that was taken care of.
 It's amazing, for as long as they linger on the horizon, it doesn't take them long to pass the beach.
 But with the weather not making up it's mind, I had some nice clouds with sun.  I think that makes for some cool pictures.
 She continues on her way.
 She left Duluth-Superior but I'm not sure what she's carrying.
Her destination says Gary, Indiana but she seems to be heading the wrong way for that.

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