Saturday, October 11, 2014

Eastern Michigan Football Vs Buffalo Bulls

It was a nice day for football today.  It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold nor was it raining.  It was also homecoming for the Eagles.  They had a pretty brutal road trip.  It started with a trip down to Florida where they lost to the Florida Gators.  Then they went over to Norfolk, where they played Old Dominion and lost (but it was a much closer game).  Then they headed over to East Lansing where they lost aginst the Spartans.  Their road trip ended with a jaunt on the Ohio Turnpike over to play Akron...where they lost against.  The losses against Old Dominion and Akron were frustrating because it felt like they had more of a chance, especially against Old Dominion.  But a loss is a loss, so Eastern returned with a 1 and 4 record.
 They added a new sign to the entrance of Rynearson.  I will have to admit, it looks much nicer than when I was student there. 
 The band marched out to the EMU formation.  I kind of like this formation but I wish the "E" looked more block like.
 After the publicity from their first attempt at breaking down the wall, they went at it again in this game.  It didn't seem as bad this time but I guess they had practice this time.
 After Buffalo marched down the field on one of their earlier drives, it looked like we may be seeing the same old Eagles again.
 But the defense started to tighten up and put some pressure on the Buffalo offense.  If I recall, they managed to get a fumble and an interception.
 They did the Wizard of Oz for the halftime show.
 Ryan Brumfield finding a hole to work his way into the endzone.
 And the subsequent celebration holding up two fingers in honor of Demarius Reed.
 Swoop was getting excited too.
 An Eastern player making a catch for a touchdown.
 The battle of the lines.  Eastern managed to squeeze through this wall a couple of times.
 Freshman Reggie Bell running in for one of two touchdowns.  I can see why Coach Creighton was sold on him.
The cheerleaders during the game.
 Singing the fight song with the student section.  Eastern managed to win 37-27 and it was a pretty convincing win at that.

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