Saturday, October 18, 2014

Randomness on the River

This is where I put stuff that doesn't really have a home elsewhere.
 I was able to catch a business jet that was flying over.  I think this is a Cessna Citation but I'm not sure.
 At the end of Belle Isle, they were having sailboat races.
 I've seen these mosaics before and I think I've taken their pictures before.  This one reminds me of either a dinosaur or a turtle.
 Just some random tiles.
 Another sort of random one.
 This is either 30 or Bo.  I would like to think it is Bo for Bo Schembechler, but  I doubt it.
 This one kind of reminded me of a coyote head.
 There is still quite a bit of color on Belle Isle.
 Another tree on Belle Isle.
 I liked the Detroit skyline with the swans in the foreground and the forboding sky in the background.
 A Coast Guard boat heading somewhere.  I'm guessing it was heading to the Belle Isle station.
 The tug/barge Innovation but I forget the name of the tug pushing it.  It was unloading at the cement plant near Del Ray.
 The Great Lakes Tug Superior.  I've caught this one on the Rouge River before.  I thought she was going to assist the subject of my next post, but she was just going somewhere.
A shot of the Detroit skyline from another angle.

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