Monday, October 13, 2014

The Grand Haven Lighthouse

So after taking pictures of the ship, I had to get some pictures of the lighthouse itself.  The lighting was still pretty close to being perfect for it.
 There were quite a few people enjoying a nice fall day.  I don't mind having people in a shot like this, mainly because they don't detract from the lighthouse.
 It was a little bit on the windy side yesterday and that meant the waves were crashing over the pier.  That made for some nice puddles and reflections. 
 A seagull resting on one of the lights.
 While that first reflection was nice, I like this one a little better.  The puddle was a little more substantial I think.
 Looking at the lighthouse from the other side.  This is probably one of those pictures where the people kind of detract from it.  I wish I would have gotten more of the puddles.
 A shot of the front of the range light.
 I'm not sure what kind of plane this is, but it looked kind of old school.   Sadly, I didn't have time to swap lenses, so this is blown up a bit.
 Another shot of the lighthouse.
 Walking back down the pier.
 There were some pretty significant waves, but not quite the size I would like to get.
 Looking down the pier.
 Shifting a little bit.
I didn't get other angles of this view.

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