Saturday, October 18, 2014

The William J. Livingstone Lighthouse

Since I was on that part of the island and I liked the look of the trees behind it, I decided to get some pictures of the Livingstone Lighthouse.
 There was quite a bit of color behind the lighthouse.  Occasionally, the light would hit it just right.  But I guess nothing says lighthouse like gray skies.
 This lighthouse has been on this blog and is one of the many structures in the area that was designed by Albert Kahn.
 It's a pretty nice structure.  I don't think it's an actual aid to navigation but I'm sure it might be used as such on occasion.
 You can still see it lit and I think it is the only lighthouse that is made of marble.
 Like I said, the weather couldn't make up it's mind but it made for some cool lighting.
 I never really noticed the blue tint before.
 At least there were blue skies on occasion.
 Another angle.

Heading back to the car.

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