Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Depot Town in Black and White

So I got a challenge on Facebook where I need to post some black and white pictures.  So I decided to get some fresh pictures for my first one at least.  Since I was already in Depot Town and since Depot Town seems kind of timeless anyway, I was going to use that.
 The Freight House.  I tried the shot from the other side but I liked this one better.
 The train depot.  I always say it but I'll say it again, I wish this were an active train station.
 Somehow it looks better with tracks leading to it.  I guess it would look even better with a train but you take what you can get.
 An old Hudson.
 Looking west towards the Water Tower.
 An albino rat.  This was kind of cool.
 If you insist upon getting pictures of train tracks like this, at least make sure you are near something that can give you some warning of an approaching train like a crossing gate or something.
 Some of the buildings in Depot Town.  I think this looks better in color though.
 The clock.
 Looking in one of the stores.
 The New York Central Caboose.
And the grain elevator.

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